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Dušan Jovanović on workaholism and capitalism by notimetolose
July 23, 2007, 9:41 am
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Since this article is not available in English, I thought I’d post the truncated translation here instead of in the NTTL account.

I have a few comments that I’d like to share, but instead of editorializing my point of view, I thought I’d leave it open for wider discussion. So please do feel free to jump in and let all the visitors to this blog know what you’re thinking in response to this mini-article =-)

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Slovenia – Dnevnik
Dušan Jovanović on workaholism and capitalism
Workaholism is the driving power behind modern capitalism in Europe, writes Dušan Jovanović. The 35-hour-week that the French fought so hard for back in 2000 has no future, he concludes. “Today work, hobbies and leisure are melting into a combination of duty, suffering and pleasure. … A person who works a 35-hour-week isn’t suited to independent work or intellectually demanding professions because being a lawyer, manager, stockbroker, academic or consultant still requires the willingness to work a 70-hour-week. … Sociologists hold the view that societies in which the traditional division between working time and leisure remains intact will be left behind, because they prevent the formation of a broad class of workaholics to boost the economy. The latest insight is that capitalism needs workaholism. … Without it we would continue to be a socialist economy with state-owned property and people who hate their jobs and even go so far as to sabotage them.” (23/07/2007)

Things are starting to roll! by notimetolose
July 13, 2007, 4:12 pm
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Hi everyone!

Just a little update…

The exhibition dates for No Time to Lose are set and will soon be announced, and Monika and I are in the process of discussing details related to the budget. The artists’ projects are also well underway.

I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, but as a sample, I’d like to welcome you to visit six websites dedicated to work featured in the show:

More coming soon =-)