No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

A quick update before departing for Aberdeen… by notimetolose
June 3, 2008, 2:38 pm
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I know you’re all very eagerly awaiting the latest updates concerning our forthcoming exhibition, No Time to Lose. Well, the time is finally here to share details!

I’m thrilled to report that everything is still very well on track. This is with enormous thanks to the staff at Peacock Visual Arts, but it is also in large part thanks to the Henry Moore Foundation because, without them, we would not have been able to continue working toward a launch on Thursday, June 12. That said, please note that we’ll be kicking off at 6:00 p.m. and everyone is welcome. We hope you’ll join us!

As noted in the schedule below, we’ve made a few changes to our program.

Most noteworthy is that PVA invited me to select a few short films for presentation as part of their cineclub programming. I have opted to show four projects by six Canadian artists representing twenty years of thought on the subject of work/life balance issues in contemporary media arts.

  • Kika Thorne’s Work looks at the work we have to do in order to do the work we want to do.
  • Coleen Finlayson & Cherie Moses’ The Measure of Success demonstrates the struggles so many of us must go through to conceal our true selves to please others in unpleasing work-related situations.
  • Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby’s A Cure for Being Ordinary shares insights into how to world of work functions, how we’re trapped in it’s mechanisms, and what we can do to become free.
  • Leila Sujir’s Dreams of the Night Cleaners illuminates the reality of work as a means to an end, but not as a reflection of ourselves, our hopes, and our dreams.

In other news, we’ve decided to take full advantage of Peacock’s facilities and present the on-site components of No Time to Lose in two parts.

  • In the first phase, Anja Hertenberger & Anja Steidinger, Saki Satom, Abigail Schoneboom will present four projects
  • During the last week of the exhibition’s duration, Tobaron Waxman will present his performance-activated new media sculptural installation
  • Cathy Busby’s off-site sculptural intervention will be presented for the full run of the show
  • Amy Alexander will perform her new media intervention on June 20… details concerning her performance will be announced shortly.

In a few days, I will be at PVA to join the gallery staff as they prepare to welcome the artists, most of who are arriving a few short days later. We will begin gathering materials and scoping out sites for the forthcoming interventions, and the installation period will begin shortly thereafter.

While in Aberdeen, I hope to provide regular updates of our activities. And of course, photos will be a key part of that.

Everyone involved with No Time to Lose is looking forward to your feedback. If you’d like to engage in conversation with any of us, please feel free to use this blog as a starting point. There is a great deal for us to discuss!

Until countdown Day 8 (aka June 5)…

All the best!
– Milena

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