No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

Tuesday Morning… by notimetolose

This morning is deceptively quiet…

The office is calm… probably because everyone is still waking up. I’m also calm… probably because I’m still waking up 😉

Anja + Anja are out performing “Roam/Stray”, a project that involves rides around town on public transit in order to initiate conversations with/observations of people who appear stressed out, or who are working while on the go. The artists will speak to people about how they maintain space between their working lives and their personal lives. With permission, they will audio-record conversations. Additionally, they will take notes and photos, and draw to achieve a creative gathering of interpersonal data. This information will later be installed within the gallery space for visitors to peruse. They have already performed this action in Amsterdam and Barcelona, the cities where they reside. The data from these cities will be compiled with the data collected here in Aberdeen for an effect that will draw parallels and highlight contrasts between the pace of life in these three locations.

Cathy is at the Georgina Scott Sutherland management library of the Robert Gordon University where she will begin installing her project, which juxtaposes books on contemporary human resources management with consumer care products … both being items that encourage people to push to their limits, and then some.

The books below are well representative of the type of phenomenon she’s discussing…

As a note, larger versions of any images posted here can be viewed directly at our flickr page:

Oh! And yesterday Cathy informed me that she’ll be blogging directly about her project, as well. So, keep your eyes peeled for that =-).

Hmmm… What else? Oh yes! Today we continue sanding Saki’s desks to prepare them for a coat of institutional grey paint 😉 It’s like a desk makeover! Cathy and I noticed yesterday the similar colour scheme at the Georgina Scott Sutherland library… pale grey and medium blue. Perhaps they are colours deemed most likely to keep workers focused? An interesting possibility…

At any rate, the melamine coating on the desks are proving somewhat resilient, so it’s taking longer than we expected. Jack is bringing in another electric sander today, so at least we’ll have two people plugging along at once.

On that note, I should get downstairs! The task of sanding awaits!

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