No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

Fantastic! by notimetolose
June 13, 2008, 5:39 pm
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No Time to Lose opened yesterday, and it appears that it was enjoyed by all in attendance! We followed the reception with a wonderful dinner, and earlier this afternoon, we had a great informal panel discussion.

I must say, I’m thoroughly exhausted at the moment, so it’ll be a few days before I am up to posting in detail… pics, etc.

For now, I would like to thank everyone at Peacock Visual Arts for their enthusiastic vision and tremendous support. I would also like to thank the many fantastic funders who gave generously to make this exhibition a reality. I will provide a more detailed thanks when I post again.

I am in Aberdeen tomorrow, but will not likely have access to the internet. I will be in transit back to Canada on Sunday, and traveling homeward after that. Maybe you’ll hear from me again on Saturday? In the meantime, if you stop by this blog, please PLEASE leave comments. We know people are clicking here… we’d love to hear from you, too =-)

PS. If you’re in Scotland, stay tuned to the STV evening news some time this week because Ewan seemed quite smitten with the show… I think his coverage will be fantastic!

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I was not aware of this show until two weeks before the opening. The following is a verbal meandering of mine from only a few days before that awareness.

While we talk time is lost.

If time is lost,

this is very worrying,

and more time is lost.

so there is less time to worry

problem almost solved.

Being at the opening was well worth the journey, and I will continue to speak of it with enthusiasm.

Wishing you all a mellow yet dynamic future


Comment by Richard Maddalena

I am back in NYC and recovering from last week’s hectic schedule. I loved being in Aberdeen, which seems to have a really vibrant arts scene. Now that I am away from the gallery, I am really excited to see stories coming into my skive piece from visitors to the installation, and I am looking forward to putting together all the stories that come in and possibly putting together a sociological paper from the data. But first, some recovery time!

Comment by Abby

My oh my! A gallery opening and a major graduation all in one fell swoop? You’re not losing any time, Kiddo.

Congratulations on your doctorate, Dr. Schoenboom and many happy returns of the occasion for your art work. Wish I could be in Aberdeen to see it!

Love to you, John and Oscar,

Kathy Madden

p.s. please send me your e-mail address? Tnx!

Comment by Kathy Madden

Dear Richard,

Thank you SO much for your thoughtful words. It’s true… worry is one of the most wasted emotions, especially when a person is already stressed out! Talking, on the other hand, can be very productive… depending on the subject of discussion, of course. Even thought I’d usually rather take action than talk about taking action, I do appreciate reflective conversations that help to guide strategy, etc. I also like talking just for the sake of being human and breaking free from isolating types of work… that’s a fantastic use of time =-)

I’m thrilled you enjoyed the exhibition and it’s fantastic that you attended the opening =-) Did you take any pics, by any chance? If so, feel free to share them! You can link to a photo page via the comment section. And, of course, please feel free to add more words about time… it will be interesting to watch how conversations develop and unfold on these wordpress pages =-)

best to you!

Comment by notimetolose

Hey Abby!

I’m so thrilled that we’ve had this chance to work together! Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of this exhibition =-)

I am also looking forward to finding out what stories are added to project skive over the next few weeks! And, I hope we find many people online willing to share their “workplace confessions”, as well!

Now that you have your login for this blog, I’m sure you’ll be posting even more great stuff!! Thanks for your interest =-)

Comment by notimetolose

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