No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

Panel Discussion by notimetolose
June 22, 2008, 10:40 pm
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The next day, from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. , we held an informal lunch time discussion to not only discuss the motivation of the exhibition and each featured artwork, but to discuss the wider phenomenon of overwork… what causes it and why society can’t seem to say “no”.

As shown in the photos below, the conversation was video recorded. Adam and Sean will be editing it down to a something akin to an exhibition “trailer”. At a later date, we’ll excerpt from it for our forthcoming publication.

Let’s keep the conversation going here!! If you have questions or ideas, please share them with us!

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I really enjoyed being part of the panel discussion and I just wanted to add a list of some of the books I was talking about — these are my favourites on time scarcity and overwork:

The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work by Arlie Russell Hochschild (a very insightful study of the subtle pressures that promote overwork even in workplaces with family-friendly policies)

(see also The Second Shift by Arlie Hochschild and Anne Machung for gendered aspects of work-life balance)

Willing Slaves: How the Overwork Culture is Ruling Our Lives by Madeleine Bunting (UK study of overweork by a Guardian journalist)

No Collar by Andrew Ross (compelling study of overwork in dotcoms, which reflects on new forms of exploitation and is very relevant to those who perform creative labor but is also much more widely applicable as a commentary on contemporary knowledge work)

And from the bad side, which shows what we are up against!

Winning by Jack Welch and Suzy Welch (I love his stuff about “work-life moaners” and “sliders”)

Corporate Cultures by Terrence Deal, Allan Kennedy (seminal management text that started the idea that you could get people to work harder and longer by building a sense of family/community in the workplace)

Comment by Abby

Thanks for this great booklist… including the nasty insidiousness that is the Welch publication. It’s good to read ideas on the other side of the fence… know your enemy, as they say 😉 ha ha ha!

Comment by Milena

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