No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

Preliminary Installation Photos by notimetolose
June 22, 2008, 11:19 pm
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I’ll be the first to admit, my camera is great for snapshots of social situations, but it’s not particularly reliable for great, crisp images… the sort you’d want to document an exhibition.

So, please find below a set of preliminary photos of the No Time to Lose installation. PVA will be taking some properly lit images for archival purposes. IIUC, Cathy documented her installation at the library, as well. I look forward to seeing them!

Remember, larger versions of these images are available at our Flickr page

The introductory text panel


Project Skive

A closer look

Desk Project and Workplaces at Night (pictured from Project Skive)

Desk Project and Workplaces at Night

One of the videos installed in Desk Project

Workplaces at Night

Workplaces at Night

Desk Project, Project Skive, and Roam/Stray

Here are some better photos from Anja S’ Flickr Page…

Two image stills of Workplaces at Night, as projected

Two image stills from the video channel presented on a monitor

A detail of an image presented as part of Roam/Stray

A detail of Cathy’s installation, 24/7 at Work

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