No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

The goods from Amy Alexander’s street performances by uebergeek
July 1, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Howdy all, Amy here… reporting from beautiful not-quite-downtown San Diego, Calif. But just a week and a half ago, on Friday June 20th, I was in beautiful downtown-and-otherwise Aberdeen, as the geek-on-the-street office worker/VJ performance artist. With the help of the Peacock crew, I traveled the streets of Aberdeen in a mobile office VW van, setting up desk chair, computer monitor, and funny gadgets, to do my work-themed psychedelic text visuals at various locations on the streets of Aberdeen. It was a lot of fun, and I was especially impressed with those Aberdeenites who had the nerve to come up to a woman in a silver jacket with a keyboard gaffer taped to her body and a droned-out look on her face and ask, “What are you doing?”

Larger images can be found in my flickr photostream.

Here are some videos. The onscreen visuals look better in YouTube’s high quality setting –

but I can’t get that embedded into WordPress. But you could go to YouTube directly and choose “480p” below the video here and here.

Artist attacks all work and no play culture by notimetolose

I wish I got to see Amy’s performance, as well!! Here is a newspaper article from yesterday’s issue of The Press and Journal


Artist attacks all work and no play culture
new performance questions why new technology makes us work harder

Published: 21/06/2008

A VISUAL artist who questions why modern technology is making us all work harder performed a new work on the streets of Aberdeen yesterday.

Amy Alexander, aka VJ Ubergeek, was in the city presenting her CyberSpaceLand project to unsuspecting passers-by. The audiovisual performance, a criticism of people who are endlessly working without leisure time, is part of Peacock Visual Arts’ No Time to Lose exhibition.

The American artist performed the project yesterday in locations across Aberdeen using music, video, office furniture and technological devices adapted to suit the purposes of the project.

The work is usually performed in nightclubs and art galleries and was brought to the streets for the first time yesterday. The No Time to Lose exhibition, which will be at Peacock Visual Arts in Castle Street, Aberdeen until July 26, brings together artists from around the world with their interpretations of the theme “overwork”.

There’s so much more to come! by notimetolose

Hello everyone! Milena here =-)

This past month a I did a great deal more traveling than usual, but it has come to an end and I’m now back in Winnipeg. Being in Aberdeen was wonderful thanks to the amazing staff at Peacock Visual Arts, and the wonderful artists involved with No Time to Lose.

I spent my last day in Aberdeen wandering around downtown, exploring parts that I’d not had a chance to see earlier. Before embarking on that little expedition, I stopped into the gallery to say “good bye” to the show. In some ways, owing to my geographical distance, it feels like it’s over. The reality, however, is that things are just beginning!!

On Friday, June 20, Amy Alexander will perform CyberSpaceLand at various locations in Aberdeen — The Green at 5 p.m., Schoolhill at 6 p.m., and Beach Boulevard at 7 p.m. For more information, click here:

On Tuesday, July 8, cineclub at Peacock Visual Arts will present four short videos…

  • Work [Kika Thorne, 1999]
  • The Measure of Success [Coleen Finlayson & Cherie Moses, 1987]
  • A Cure for Being Ordinary [Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, 2005]
  • Dreams of the Night Cleaners [Leila Sujir, 1996]

From July 22 – 26, Tobaron Waxman will perform his sculptural installation, Block of Ice + 1/60 … more details about that coming soon!

And of course, we have a publication in the works! It’ll be something a little different than a conventional exhibition catalogue because we’re not as keen on having a straight forward document as we are in capturing the effect of the exhibition, including the response and dialogue it helped to generate.

I would love to post photos from the opening reception and panel discussion right now, but unfortunately I have “no time to lose” on a few other obligations. I’m hoping to share images this weekend. And on that note, if you have any that you would like to share, please do! You can email them to the gallery, or post them on Flickr and provide links via the comments section of this blog! We’re all looking forward to sharing a great conversation about the art works included in the exhibition, and the overarching theme of work/life balance.

– M.

Wednesday Night by notimetolose

I’ve been working on No Time to Lose since October 2005.

The artists were confirmed by the end of November 2005.

I started looking for a venue in January 2006. Many galleries around the world were interested, but almost all of them felt unable to proceed if funding was not already confirmed.

Monika at Peacock Visual Arts expressed interest in the exhibition sometime in January or February 2007. We started planning immediately and fundraising was probably the activity that took up the most of our time behind the scenes.

In December 2007, external influences appeared to significantly affect our plans. There was a possibility that we’d need to move our opening to April 2009! So, in February 2008 we finalized a grant application that — thankfully! — allowed us to proceed as planned.

It’s now June 2008 and it’s so exciting, to all of us involved, that No Time to Lose is finally happening! Celebrating this fact surely warranted an evening out! We all had a little more work to do afterhours, but an early stop into a pub after a visit to an opening at the Aberdeen Arts Centre seemed most appropriate!

Everyone in Aberdeen is so friendly! We met a ton of great folks during our time out, some of whom promise to be at the opening on Thursday night! We warned photos would be posted on this blog… and they were all great sports about it!

Tuesday: So Far, So Good… by notimetolose

Think of this update as a virtual play-by-play 😉

Between four power sanders and five power people, we got through those desks in no time flat! I suspect they are already being painted.

Anja and Anja returned from “Roam/Stay” with a collection of drawings, recordings, notes, and photographs. They would have loved to spend more time engaged in these actions and interactions but, unfortunately, the clock is ticking away and there is still much for them to accomplish before the exhibition opens on Thursday.

On that note, their Fibreglas form has been plastered and is now drying so that it too can be sanded down and painted. In the meantime, they are reviewing their audio material for “Roam/Stray” and making final edits to the video components of “Workplaces at Night”

I just received an email from Cathy… all is going very well. She has acquired plenty of books and other materials, and the library staff are being tremendously helpful. It’s fantastic that they are so interested in her project! Whoo hoo!

Abby will be arriving by train at approx. 5 p.m. I’m looking forward to having the “NTTL Phase 1” gang altogether, and of course, everyone is looking forward to meeting her, as well :). Her office cubicle is in place, a desk and chair have been sourced, Jack seems to have the computer kiosk software in order, and now for the fun part: decorating! We’ll probably really get at that tomorrow.

Monika has finished the brochure, and now I’m going to look over the label text. A couple of media appointments have been scheduled for tomorrow, and John de Graaf of the fantastic North American organization, Take Back Your Time, has so kindly informed me that news about our exhibition will be released as part of the next newsletter, which will be circulated soon!

More later!

Word on the Street by notimetolose
June 10, 2008, 10:06 am
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Pics from Sunday by notimetolose
June 9, 2008, 2:36 pm
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Meetings and reunions

Emergency chocolate supply!

Unpacking photographs


More meetings (and the collection of future blog material *Ha ha!*)

Confirming Fibreglas materials

Getting oriented around town

Buzz on Busby by notimetolose
June 8, 2008, 10:44 am
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The Dope Show: Arts news by Sue Carter Flinn
“Buzz on Busby”
The Coast, May 30, 2008

Always on the move, artist Cathy Busby is once again giving Halifax international presence. On June 12, she leaves for a group show at Aberdeen’s Peacock Visual Arts (curated by the lovely Milena Placentile), where she’ll install a next-generation version of 24/7 at Work, a show she did at Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery in 2005, where she displayed management textbooks together with products such as deodorants, toothpastes and energy drinks that were labelled “High Endurance,” “36 Hour Power!” and “Powerful Thirst Relief.” From there, the artist, along with Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery director **Robin Metcalfe**, will head to Sydney, Australia, for Sorry, which focuses on the pervasiveness of public apologies (recently Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd apologized to the “Stolen Generations” of that country’s indigenous population) and a panel discussion with William Kentridge, as part of the Sydney Biennale. Then she heads to Melbourne for a show of her apology wall-texts paintings. That’s quite the passport stamp.

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We’ve been busy! by notimetolose
June 7, 2008, 4:09 pm
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An incredible amount has been accomplished in the past few days: shopping for materials, scouting sites, detailing promotional and didactic material, and preparing the gallery for installation. But, on top of that Monika and I have still managed to squeeze in some fun. First we stopped into the Moorings Bar for pints, and then met up with a group of fantastic people at a lovely spot part of the Ferryhill House Hotel.

Today we’ve avoided starting too early, but the day is wearing on and it looks like it’ll still be a while before we can call it quits. At least our next site scouting jaunt will take us to Aberdeen’s beach! That’s my idea of mixing work and play =-)

I have a ton of photos to share, but not a great deal of time to do it, so I’ll have to leave this post as text-only for now.

UPDATE: Photos!

Aberdeen’s beach

“The Green”

Books on contemporary HR management for Cathy’s installation

The start of a unique installation

The carpet for Saki’s installation

Coffee break

Assorted supplies, materials, and equipment

Arrival in Aberdeen by notimetolose
June 5, 2008, 4:43 pm
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Greetings from Aberdeen!

I arrived earlier today to a very warm welcome and everything has been going very nicely! Not too long ago, we wrapped up our installation planning meeting. It’s a fantastic group of people here, and everyone is excited about the show … I’m looking forward to getting started on the nitty gritty bits =-).

Cathy arrives tomorrow, Saki and Anja & Anja arrive on Sunday… we’ll all be keeping busy, but we’re sure to have a lot of fun, as well.

If I’d not been awake for approximately 27 hours, I’m sure I’d have a lot more to write… I’ve already taken photos, but I’ll have to post them when I’m a little more coherent 😉

Talk to you again tomorrow!
– M

UPDATE: Photos!