No Time to Lose: A Search for Work / Life Balance

Back to overwork but keeping the NTTL ball rolling! by notimetolose

It’s ironic, to say the least, that I’d find myself facing the same ol’ overwork “traps” so shortly after presenting an exhibition about work/life balance. Old habits die hard and my habit of taking on too much, and not finding sufficient balance between the things I have to do, the things I need to do, and the things I really want to do, is still firmly in place. That being said, I don’t want to give the impression that it’s been all work and no play… I have indeed managed to find time to spend traveling and to gather with amazing friends. Still, balance is a tough thing to achieve and, as much as multi-tasking promises efficiency, the truth is that we can only really do one thing at a time, and we can only really be in one place at a time.

This might explain why I haven’t had much time to work on this blog. I’d still really like to comment on the last phase of the exhibition, Tobaron Waxman’s new media installation and performance, “Block of Ice +1/60”, and I will definitely do that as soon as possible. In short, I am delighted to report that his project was very well received. In a few minutes, I’ll repost the article that appeared in The Times and, in a few days, I hope to share some of the documentation that was collected during the performance.

Although No Time to Lose at PVA is now in the past, related activity is still underway. I am still chatting with other possible venues, and I am working with PVA to produce a follow-up publication. These are all very exciting things for us, and you can be sure I’ll keep you posted on these and other developments!!

All the best,

There’s so much more to come! by notimetolose

Hello everyone! Milena here =-)

This past month a I did a great deal more traveling than usual, but it has come to an end and I’m now back in Winnipeg. Being in Aberdeen was wonderful thanks to the amazing staff at Peacock Visual Arts, and the wonderful artists involved with No Time to Lose.

I spent my last day in Aberdeen wandering around downtown, exploring parts that I’d not had a chance to see earlier. Before embarking on that little expedition, I stopped into the gallery to say “good bye” to the show. In some ways, owing to my geographical distance, it feels like it’s over. The reality, however, is that things are just beginning!!

On Friday, June 20, Amy Alexander will perform CyberSpaceLand at various locations in Aberdeen — The Green at 5 p.m., Schoolhill at 6 p.m., and Beach Boulevard at 7 p.m. For more information, click here:

On Tuesday, July 8, cineclub at Peacock Visual Arts will present four short videos…

  • Work [Kika Thorne, 1999]
  • The Measure of Success [Coleen Finlayson & Cherie Moses, 1987]
  • A Cure for Being Ordinary [Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, 2005]
  • Dreams of the Night Cleaners [Leila Sujir, 1996]

From July 22 – 26, Tobaron Waxman will perform his sculptural installation, Block of Ice + 1/60 … more details about that coming soon!

And of course, we have a publication in the works! It’ll be something a little different than a conventional exhibition catalogue because we’re not as keen on having a straight forward document as we are in capturing the effect of the exhibition, including the response and dialogue it helped to generate.

I would love to post photos from the opening reception and panel discussion right now, but unfortunately I have “no time to lose” on a few other obligations. I’m hoping to share images this weekend. And on that note, if you have any that you would like to share, please do! You can email them to the gallery, or post them on Flickr and provide links via the comments section of this blog! We’re all looking forward to sharing a great conversation about the art works included in the exhibition, and the overarching theme of work/life balance.

– M.

Wednesday Night by notimetolose

I’ve been working on No Time to Lose since October 2005.

The artists were confirmed by the end of November 2005.

I started looking for a venue in January 2006. Many galleries around the world were interested, but almost all of them felt unable to proceed if funding was not already confirmed.

Monika at Peacock Visual Arts expressed interest in the exhibition sometime in January or February 2007. We started planning immediately and fundraising was probably the activity that took up the most of our time behind the scenes.

In December 2007, external influences appeared to significantly affect our plans. There was a possibility that we’d need to move our opening to April 2009! So, in February 2008 we finalized a grant application that — thankfully! — allowed us to proceed as planned.

It’s now June 2008 and it’s so exciting, to all of us involved, that No Time to Lose is finally happening! Celebrating this fact surely warranted an evening out! We all had a little more work to do afterhours, but an early stop into a pub after a visit to an opening at the Aberdeen Arts Centre seemed most appropriate!

Everyone in Aberdeen is so friendly! We met a ton of great folks during our time out, some of whom promise to be at the opening on Thursday night! We warned photos would be posted on this blog… and they were all great sports about it!

A Little More of What Happened on Tuesday by notimetolose

(Note: I wrote this blog entry on Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., but I’ve backdated it because the blog is set to keep time in the Eastern Standard time zone, not Greenwich Mean…)

Anja’s S friend, Juan, commented that based the photos on our blog, it looks like we’re spending more time having fun than actually working. Well, I think his opinion is about to change 😉

This is not to say that we’ve not been having fun… because we are! However, as we got closer and closer to our deadlines, the type of work we were doing changed considerably. It’s true that the first couple of days involve doing such things as gathering materials, preparing spaces, and discussing options and possibilities. The pace of things always picks up closer and closer to the deadline. In the case of this show, we had two preview deadlines. The first was Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in order to receive a reporter from The Scotsman. Our second deadline was on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. to meet a reporter and crew from STV News.

We’re now putting the finishing touches on things in order for the final deadline, which is the exhibition opening at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday… more about that soon.

First up, more photos taken on Tuesday then a pile from Wednesday. Enjoy!

Sandpaper conference

Angela installing sign vinyl

Catching up, editing, changing, correcting…

Strategic planning

A long awaited preview

The last one to arrive… Abby! We must take photos IMMEDIATELY! There is no time to lose 😉

Another group photo… We’re thinking about you, Cathy!

Monika and Abby test drive desks for “Project Skive”

More materials and supplies

… Says the poet known for having administrative assistants! Ha!

I’m sure it is…

Plastic wrap fashion show… covering up before some last minute spray-painting

T’was the Night Before a Pre-“Media Preview” Media Preview

A Working Dinner… Or Rather, Dessert 😉

Pics from Sunday by notimetolose
June 9, 2008, 2:36 pm
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Meetings and reunions

Emergency chocolate supply!

Unpacking photographs


More meetings (and the collection of future blog material *Ha ha!*)

Confirming Fibreglas materials

Getting oriented around town

Arrival in Aberdeen by notimetolose
June 5, 2008, 4:43 pm
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Greetings from Aberdeen!

I arrived earlier today to a very warm welcome and everything has been going very nicely! Not too long ago, we wrapped up our installation planning meeting. It’s a fantastic group of people here, and everyone is excited about the show … I’m looking forward to getting started on the nitty gritty bits =-).

Cathy arrives tomorrow, Saki and Anja & Anja arrive on Sunday… we’ll all be keeping busy, but we’re sure to have a lot of fun, as well.

If I’d not been awake for approximately 27 hours, I’m sure I’d have a lot more to write… I’ve already taken photos, but I’ll have to post them when I’m a little more coherent 😉

Talk to you again tomorrow!
– M

UPDATE: Photos!

A quick update before departing for Aberdeen… by notimetolose
June 3, 2008, 2:38 pm
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I know you’re all very eagerly awaiting the latest updates concerning our forthcoming exhibition, No Time to Lose. Well, the time is finally here to share details!

I’m thrilled to report that everything is still very well on track. This is with enormous thanks to the staff at Peacock Visual Arts, but it is also in large part thanks to the Henry Moore Foundation because, without them, we would not have been able to continue working toward a launch on Thursday, June 12. That said, please note that we’ll be kicking off at 6:00 p.m. and everyone is welcome. We hope you’ll join us!

As noted in the schedule below, we’ve made a few changes to our program.

Most noteworthy is that PVA invited me to select a few short films for presentation as part of their cineclub programming. I have opted to show four projects by six Canadian artists representing twenty years of thought on the subject of work/life balance issues in contemporary media arts.

  • Kika Thorne’s Work looks at the work we have to do in order to do the work we want to do.
  • Coleen Finlayson & Cherie Moses’ The Measure of Success demonstrates the struggles so many of us must go through to conceal our true selves to please others in unpleasing work-related situations.
  • Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby’s A Cure for Being Ordinary shares insights into how to world of work functions, how we’re trapped in it’s mechanisms, and what we can do to become free.
  • Leila Sujir’s Dreams of the Night Cleaners illuminates the reality of work as a means to an end, but not as a reflection of ourselves, our hopes, and our dreams.

In other news, we’ve decided to take full advantage of Peacock’s facilities and present the on-site components of No Time to Lose in two parts.

  • In the first phase, Anja Hertenberger & Anja Steidinger, Saki Satom, Abigail Schoneboom will present four projects
  • During the last week of the exhibition’s duration, Tobaron Waxman will present his performance-activated new media sculptural installation
  • Cathy Busby’s off-site sculptural intervention will be presented for the full run of the show
  • Amy Alexander will perform her new media intervention on June 20… details concerning her performance will be announced shortly.

In a few days, I will be at PVA to join the gallery staff as they prepare to welcome the artists, most of who are arriving a few short days later. We will begin gathering materials and scoping out sites for the forthcoming interventions, and the installation period will begin shortly thereafter.

While in Aberdeen, I hope to provide regular updates of our activities. And of course, photos will be a key part of that.

Everyone involved with No Time to Lose is looking forward to your feedback. If you’d like to engage in conversation with any of us, please feel free to use this blog as a starting point. There is a great deal for us to discuss!

Until countdown Day 8 (aka June 5)…

All the best!
– Milena

Still on track by notimetolose
February 29, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Yes, this blog has been rather quiet, and understandably so. We’re still working, very hard, behind the scenes to bring No Time to Lose to life. The artists are finalizing their projects, and on the other side of things, we’re confirming our funding sources. We’re eager to begin moving to the next stage of planning, which will involve all the logistics. We’ll keep you informed!

Early Morning Meeting by notimetolose
May 1, 2007, 4:27 pm
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PVA Office

Originally uploaded by notimetolose.exhibition

I am grateful for the opportunity Monika and I had to meet in person. Even with email, Skype, and the telephone, face-to-face really does wonders!

Our visit was short, but we accomplished a lot. In one evening, catch-up and planning over dinner, an early morning meeting the next day (which involved a great tour of the Gallery’s facilities + a careful look at the available exhibition spaces), and then I was back on a bus, and then a plane, and en route to my next destination. Brief, but very effective; freelance work in the 21st century has to be!